MIIS - Markdown features

The Markdown to HTML conversion is provided by Markdig. So it's not my merit but... Why reinvent the wheel if you have such a great library already available?.

It supports:

  • All the core CommonMark Mardown features (600+ tests passed from CommonMark specs)
  • Auto-links for http://, https://, ftp://, mailto: and www.xxxx.yyy.
  • Emojis: 😃 👍 (You can disable them with the UseEmoji setting)
  • Soft lines and hardlines
  • Two kinds of tables: pipes and grid tables
  • Media url support for YouTube, Vimeo, mp3, mp4...
  • Extra-emphasis
  • PHP Markdown Extra: attributes, auto-identifiers, footnotes, abbreviations...
  • Task lists
  • Extra bullet lists (a. b. c...., i., ii., iii....)
  • Custom containers
  • Figures for several images one after another
  • Smartypants
  • Mermaid diagrams
  • Math/Latex extension
  • Ignores YAML frontmatter

You can check all the supported Markdown features details in the Markdig github page.