How to run MIIS in Azure Web Sites

Running a documentation site publicly, on the Web, for free is really easy with Azure Web Sites.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Create your free Azure account if you don't have one.
  2. Go to the Azure Portal and create a new Web App.

Choose a name for your site that is descriptive and available, create a new resource group (choose the free tier) or select a existing one, and choose a location for the site:

Azure, create Web App

Click the "Create" button. After a few seconds your site will be available.

3.- Deploy your contents to Azure.

You can deploy to Azure using a lot of different methods. I, for example, like to deploy my sites directly from their Git repository or from DropBox. But the easiest and more straight-forward way is through FTP.

Go to your Web App properties and search for "Deployment Credentials". Enter a user name and (complex) password to access your site through FTP:

Web App, create FTP credentials

4.- Transfer files to your Web App.

Go to the "Overview" section of your Web App to get its URL:

Web Site overview

Now you can access the FTP site in the same URL with the ftp:// protocol, for example:

You can use a decent graphic FTP client such as Filezilla to be more comfortable.

Make sure you upload not only your Markdown documents, but the MIIS sub-folders ("bin", "CSS", "templates") and web.config file.

Now, browse your site going to its public URL. Here you go!

It is possible to do a lot of advanced things in your site, such as make it private and only accessible with specific accounts (Active Directory, Office 365, Google..), deploy automatically from a Git repository, deploy manually from a cloud drive... Make sure to check Azure's documentation on that.